Convenient out-of-game access to your EVE Online calendar.

Before eve-calendars: EVE Online‘s calendar is disconnected from your daily agenda, you fail to notice overlaps, deal with time zones, and events slip. After eve-calendars: Your EVE Online and daily agendas are side by side, overlaps are easy to spot, times are in your time zone, and you take part in the game.

Integration with Apple Calendar

Side by side, not aside.

With EVE Online’s calendar available only in-game, people use additional means to organize and share events. As a result your agenda is spread out across the game client, calendar apps, corporation/alliance forums etc. Updates are tough to follow, overlaps hard to see, and you miss events.

But with eve-calendars, you’ll see everything together, access game‘s calendar straight from your favourite calendar app, notice overlaps, and know which event you can take part in.

Give eve-calendars a try.

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